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There are many research opportunities available in the linguistics department. To help us connect you with the appropriate advisor and research group, please provide the following information:

Telephone Number:
Year in Undergraduate Program:
NU School and Major:
Please list any Linguistics courses you have taken. For each course list the quarter, year, instructor's name and your final grade in the course.
Please list any other relevant courses you have taken in other departments (at NU or elsewhere). This includes but is not limited to: any course on language structure or processing offered outside of linguistics; study of languages other than English; formal logic; computer programming; mathematics past calculus; statistics; experimental methods.
Please describe any relevant extra-curricular experience. This includes but is not limited to: native speaker of languages other than English; native speaker of non-standard dialects of English.
Please describe any research experience you have had in Linguistics or other departments.
What is the general area of research you're interested in?

Optional Questions
Are there any particular faculty you are interested in working with?
For these faculty are there any current research projects you are particularly interested in?
Are you seeking a paid research assistant position (note that these are not frequently available)? If so, are you work/study eligible?
Are you interested in eventually doing an honor's thesis or some other independent research project?
Is there any other information that you'd like us to know?