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The Northwestern University Linguistics Department is a leader in experimental phonetics and laboratory phonology. The lab complex consists of the following main areas:

Phonetics and phonology research and discussion groups within our department include:

Researchers in the Department maintain the SpeechBox resource which provides a searchable set of speech recordings tagged with rich annotations.

Technical advice and support, as well as work on the development of the computational infrastructure, are provided by the Tech Consultant, Chun-Liang Chan.

Swift 228: Recording Studio

The Swift 228 recording studio consists of a double-walled sound-treated booth for high quality speech recording. Equipment includes:

Cresap 101: Computing and Presentation Facilities

Swift 310: Data Storage and Processing

The Swift 310 collection of computers consists of:

Cresap 115: Computing Facilities

The Cresap 115 collection of computers consists of: